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Counseling/Psychotherapy is a tool that is useful in helping people understand and identify the life events that contribute to their stress and well-being.

Counseling/Psychotherapy can help restructure ways of thinking, negative attitudes, and understand behaviors and ideas that can contribute to discomfort with an individual, in relationships and in families. 

Counseling/Psychotherapy is useful for....

  • Those who are seeking more meaning and purpose in their life.
  • Those who are in crisis or need specific guidance on a serious emotional and/or physical concern.
  • Those who do not feel they have found a supportive place to meet their mental health needs
  • Those who feel stagnant in life.
  • Those who are seeking preventive care and ways to maintain wellness.

Telehealth Counseling

Telehealth Counseling is the same as traditional in-person counseling using smart phones, computers, or other forms of technology.


Telehealth Counseling allows access to services to those individuals who may otherwise be challenged to attend in-person sessions. I would be happy to explore whether this option would be suitable for you. 

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UPDATE: I am grateful for so many of you to invite me on your journey of growth and healing. It is important for me to provide quality service to my clients and as result, appointments for new clients are currently not available.

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